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Amazing Star Murals

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"Sleep Under The Stars Tonight"

The Ultimate Beautification of any Bedroom Ceiling Shows Up When the Lights Go Out at Night!

During the daytime your ceiling looks pretty much normal.

Turn the lights out at night and watch your ceiling magically come alive with real twinkling stars, shooting stars and the Milky Way! (We promise not to paint your ceiling black.)

We also specialize in STAR PORTALS

(Available in 3' and 6' in diameter!)

This is a simulated example of a 6-foot diameter Star Portal (above) and can be installed in just a few hours. Your ceiling looks completely normal during the day but the stars are visible all night long in a darkened room. You will get in-door stargazing enjoyment for years and years once installed.

Romantic! * Stress Relieving! * Watch TV in the dark!

Put Your Headphones on and Listen To Your Favorite Music!

Again, in the daytime this ceiling looks normal but at night when the lights go out it will look like the roof was lifted away and you are looking up at the night sky!

Star Mural and Star Portal Ceilings are great for:

* Kids rooms (gets them in bed early!)

* Teens rooms

* Grown ups rooms (romantic evenings, stress-relieving, sleep better!)

* Home theatres

* Hotels, Motels, Saunas and More!

* Totally safe and non-toxic

* We can add Shooting Stars, Space Ships, etc.

What's on Your Ceiling at Night When You Cannot Fall Asleep?

Try One of Our Sleep Portals and Finally Get a Good Night's Sleep!

(In-door stargazing quiets the mind so you can drift off peaceably.)

Realistic 3-D Planetarium-Like Star Mural Ceilings Now Available in your town and Surrounding Areas!

Witness Star Gazing Like it Used To Be...

When The Lights Go Out The Magic Begins!

(Sleep under the stars - Get a good night's sleep!)

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Dear Friend,

My name is (your name here) and I am located here in (your city, state).

I specialize in painting realistic-looking Star Murals that are not only accurate and constellation-correct but can only be seen at night when the lights are out.

I use a special non-toxic paint that costs over $500 a gallon (I only use an ounce or two per ceiling) to create breathtaking night skies like the ones that can only be seen high in the mountains far away from all civilization.

If you've ever heard of decorative wall murals this is a decorative stargazing ceiling mural (can be added to walls also) that can only be seen at night .

Your bedroom, game room, home theater (or any ceiling) looks normal during the daytime but at night when you go to bed and turn the lights out the ceiling magically comes alive with thousands of stars - realistic stars that actually twinkle!

Imagine turning your lights out at night and viewing an awesome night sky full of stars - as if you were high on top of Mount Everest. The view is so breathtaking that you forget about everything else. Let us show you how you can have a beautiful, custom, hand-painted star mural ceiling for your bedroom, entertainment room, etc.

Ceilings look normal during the daytime, but at night when you turn your lights off and go to bed, the room magically comes alive with an amazing replica of the night sky like you’ve never seen it before! THE MAGIC STARTS when the LIGHTS GO OUT! Relaxing! Romantic! Educational! Makes a Great Gift!

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It's a great way to get your young ones to go to bed early and teens as well as adults love star murals as well!

I love the twinkling stars effect. It make me fall asleep.

When the lights go out the magic begins!

I can add constellations, spaceships or anything sci-fi and more.

FACT: Did you know that because of large cities a thing called "light pollution" is everywhere? You can no longer see most of the stars in the sky on a clear night anymore.

As a matter of fact, we probably don't see 90% of the stars anymore that are naturally visible unless you go deep up into Canada, way out west or high up somewhere in the Himalayas away from any cities.

Light Pollution blocks out over 90% of the stars and even the Milky Way

A friend wrote me recently and said...
Hi Pete,

You know how it is when you see something all 
the time but don't really "see" it?

Whether it's the artwork on your walls, the 
mess in the closet, the beautiful flowers in 
your yard, your child's smile... you become 
so used to seeing them that you stop seeing them.

During that blackout in Michigan several years 
ago I couldn't use the computer or watch TV so I
stepped outside.

I looked up at the sky and saw the stars; it was 
like I was looking at stars for the first time.
I spent a lot of time just gazing at them and 
immersing myself in the wonder of it all. It
almost seemed like a luxury.

The stars are always there but it took an 
unexpected event to make me really see them.
- Stephen Pierce
Detroit, MI

It takes a complete BLACKOUT to be able to see all the stars at night anymore - city lights are blocking the scenery...

Everyone loves the stars. We are drawn to them. It's woven into each of us to have a natural curiosity and fascination for the stars.

After all, everything is made up of the carbon that comes from the stars - stardust! No wonder we have a fascination with them - we literally come from the stars!

* Kids and teens love stars on their ceilings. Because of this, it's a perfect way to get them to go to bed early!

* Adults love stars too. Many people claim they get a good nights sleep because of the calming effect of having the stars to look at.

* Sleeping under the stars can also be romantic for lovers!

Now you can turn your bedroom ceiling into a beautiful night time sky full of stars like a planetarium even this week!

We can put an constellation-correct star mural on any ceiling in your home. The stars will glisten all night long 'til dawn's early light!

* During the daytime your ceiling looks normal. But at night your ceiling magically comes alive with beautiful stars that actually twinkle a bit!

* Stars, Constellations, UFO's, Shooting Stars, the Milky Way, Comets and More are all possible to have on any ceiling of your choice.


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Try One of Our "Sleep Portals" and Finally Get a Good Night's Sleep!


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